The following videos are not an attempt to capture the songs in their most perfect form. They are merely a vehicle to let people hear some of my work that has never been in the public eye. They are shot using the video setting on my little Canon Powershot and a little Joby tripod. The guitars are either a Martin 000 series or a pretty beat up Johnson JD27. My old Kay banjo may make an appearance or two as well, for better or worse.

That's it. I welcome comments and encourage you to share the music if it strikes you.

All music and lyrics written by Richard Popovic, unless otherwise noted.

Friday, February 22, 2013

song #l: Lighting Fires on the Shore

Welcome to the first video in the '26 Songs' series. This was shot in my living room while the baby was napping upstairs. If you are wondering why I am looking sort of above the camera from time to time, it is to check the video monitor across the room to make sure he did not wake up. Luckily, it all worked out.

This song started from the viewpoint of someone watching a loved one go off to war, a war they do not support. Then it morphed into trying to figure out how to deal with a loved one who may be involved in some criminal activity. I'm not sure how it went from one end of the spectrum to the other, but in the end it actually does not matter, because the song is not about the one who leaves. It is about the one who stays behind, steadfast and solid. They have learned that the differences that divide us now are no match for the love that binds us forever.

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