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All music and lyrics written by Richard Popovic, unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Song #3: There Be Owls Here

My little patch of woods is blessed with an abundance of owls, mostly Barred Owls. They have a very recognizable hooting call, but if you have never heard the rest of their repertoire, check it out. Their songs and calls range from comical to blood-curdling, especially when they are about ten feet from your window.

Anyway, I dig owls, and early spring is when they are really active with mating and territorial disputes. It makes for noisy evenings around here. After my daughter was born in early March, I spent a lot of nights walking with her in my arms, trying to soothe her to sleep, and we often ended up at the window listening to the owls. I created this song to explain to her what all the racket was about.

The weirdly worded phrase 'There Be Owls Here' is a play on a famous map of the world that labeled an unexplored section with the ominous warning 'There Be Dragons Here'. I picture a map of my woods, crudely drawn, with my house, surrounded by trees, with the warning 'There Be Owls Here' written in one of the margins.

(click through for lyrics)

There Be Owls Here

There be owls in these woods, high up in the trees
But you won’t hear them fly, they move silent as thieves
And the owls in these woods, they only sing at night
They sing to the stars, they sing to moonlight, and they sing—Whoooooooo

There be owls in these woods, with dark and shining eyes
Their beaks are sharpened gold, so they can catch the mice
Not everyone can hear the owls in these woods
They only sing for children who have been very good
Can you hear them sing? Whooooooo

There be owls in these woods, and on the night you were born
They all gathered around and sang one thousand songs
And they sang--Whooooooo

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