The following videos are not an attempt to capture the songs in their most perfect form. They are merely a vehicle to let people hear some of my work that has never been in the public eye. They are shot using the video setting on my little Canon Powershot and a little Joby tripod. The guitars are either a Martin 000 series or a pretty beat up Johnson JD27. My old Kay banjo may make an appearance or two as well, for better or worse.

That's it. I welcome comments and encourage you to share the music if it strikes you.

All music and lyrics written by Richard Popovic, unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Song #7: None At All

Summer has arrived big time, with triple-digit temperatures and lots of mornings sitting on the deck with the kids, spraying them with a hose and eating ice pops. This year at our place there is the added bonus of blueberries. I planted ten mature bushes a few years ago and the effort has finally paid off. The blueberries are fresh, delicious and plentiful. And whenever I am picking blueberries, I always think of this song.

The intro lines are pretty classic ones used in many traditional American songs over the years, using the change of seasons to compare two different objects. The main character is sort of the loveable rogue type, who often finds himself on the losing end of a deal but still manages to pull through with a smile. And the tuning is open G, one of my favorites for its warm inviting sound. By sticking with simple themes and simple chords, tied to a easily remembered melody, I hope I caught some of the old-timey music feel I love so much.

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