The following videos are not an attempt to capture the songs in their most perfect form. They are merely a vehicle to let people hear some of my work that has never been in the public eye. They are shot using the video setting on my little Canon Powershot and a little Joby tripod. The guitars are either a Martin 000 series or a pretty beat up Johnson JD27. My old Kay banjo may make an appearance or two as well, for better or worse.

That's it. I welcome comments and encourage you to share the music if it strikes you.

All music and lyrics written by Richard Popovic, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Song #8: Whiskey and Wood Smoke

This one started like many of mine do, from one line, the first one--'The last time that we spoke, it was a haze of whiskey and wood smoke'. I built it up from there. Originally it was part of a chorus, but eventually it turned into the song's opening. I liked it so much I repeated it at the end, which sometimes makes a song better, but more often than not it doesn't. This time I feel like I got away with it.

As far as who it is about, I really don't know. One advantage to writing songs at (almost) forty years old is that there is a deep well of experience to draw upon. That is one reason why I feel my songs now are way better than the ones I wrote when I was eighteen. That and the fact I stopped writing seven minute ballads about King Arthur and The Hobbit.

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