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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Song #8: Whiskey and Wood Smoke

This one started like many of mine do, from one line, the first one--'The last time that we spoke, it was a haze of whiskey and wood smoke'. I built it up from there. Originally it was part of a chorus, but eventually it turned into the song's opening. I liked it so much I repeated it at the end, which sometimes makes a song better, but more often than not it doesn't. This time I feel like I got away with it.

As far as who it is about, I really don't know. One advantage to writing songs at (almost) forty years old is that there is a deep well of experience to draw upon. That is one reason why I feel my songs now are way better than the ones I wrote when I was eighteen. That and the fact I stopped writing seven minute ballads about King Arthur and The Hobbit.

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Whiskey and Wood Smoke
(music/lyrics: r. popovic)
The last time that we spoke was in a haze of whiskey and wood smoke
You asked me which way the wind blows
I said it blows me directly to you
You told me I’m too serious, I said Oh no, please do not fear this
This magnetic experience
Because even true north ain’t always true
I pick you, but all you want to do is pick a fight
If I had my way I’d pick up where we left off last night
But you act like it never happened, but I’m nothing if not persistent
And if you’re wondering how my time’s spent
I spend it thinking of you

Can you hear that ache in my voice, that’s the sound of a man with no choice
A man far away from the boys who flutter into your flame
Like a wolf pine in a stone wall, in my time I’ve seen it all
When to raise and when to call, can you hear me, I’m calling your name
I’m calling you, but all you want to do is call it quits
Darling I know that I ain’t easy to live with
But if we focus on the good moments, our hearts won’t feel so vacant
Here’s a promise, if you will take it
I’ll never stop thinking of you

I pick you, and I would give the world to hold you in my arms
So we could sing and dance and drink for hours and hours
And until that moment happens, I hope I may be forgiven
If my mind is caught out wandering
Searching for memories of you

The last time that we spoke was in a haze of whiskey and wood smoke
You asked me which way the wind blows
I said it blows me directly to you, to you

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