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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017 Song #1: Alternative Truths

Well, as you can see, I missed a chunk of time. The reality of two young kids at home all day settled in and my momentum ceased. However, 2017 is a new year, and it is starting off in the most unimaginable fashion, with a completely unqualified charlatan being sworn in as president. But just one day after the inauguration, hope blossomed, to the tune of millions of women worldwide, marching in solidarity. So we will 'Keep on!' in the words of Pete Seeger, and do what we do best to make the world a little bit better in these dark times.

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Alternative Truths
music/lyrics: Richard Popovic
copyright 2017

The huckster is up on the stage once again
Selling his snake oil and pushing his brand
His yes-men and women, they nod and they grin
As they sharpen their knives and their policy pens

His speech it rings hollow, transparent as glass
And he can't help but smirk as the power is passed
And I can't help but wonder how it happened so fast
This shell game for suckers, this crooked die cast

The crown won't rest easy on your worried brow
You're in over your head and there's no backing out
Like a petulant child in an ill-fitting suit
You keep spinning your lies and alternative truths
Spinning your lies and alternative truths

But in twenty-four hours a new day has dawned
And with it, the women, so stalwart and strong
They marched and assembled, joined voices in song
To defend their rights and rally against wrongs

The huckster grew jealous of the crowds at his door
Over half a million strong and worldwide, millions more
Those streets were so empty just one day before
But facts are for fools and easy to ignore

Our eyes can see through you, your schemes and your plans
From the size of your crowds to the size of your hands
Like a petulant child in an ill-fitting suit
You keep spinning your lies and alternative truths
Spinning your lies and alternative truths

My sisters and brothers we've planted a seed
And together we're strong as a mighty oak tree
To fight for your birthright is the American creed
Don't let anyone tell you different

How can I explain to the willfully blind
'Patriot' is not a word only you can define
From the mountains to valleys to the voting booths
We won't buy your lies and alternative truths
We'll keep fighting your lies and alternative truths
We won't close our eyes to alternative truths

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